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Earn Extra Money

You may be a lot like me. You've been just "getting by" for a long time. And from a young age, you've been taught to work for someone else. In college they taught you to "get a job" and to be an "employee." But they probably didn't offer you a class on owning your own business. Or one on becoming financially independent.

You've probably thought that owning a successful business that provides continual income was only for unique people like Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

Have you changed your mind yet? I have.

Take Your Life Back

Being able to be home with my wife to see precious moments in our young son's life was not something I had given up on. Neither was being able to travel and relax when I wanted to.

So when a former associate and friend told me he had quit his job to own his own business, I was intrigued. Especially when he said that I could begin one as well.

He kept talking about "residual" income. "What that means," he said, "is that you get paid every month for what you started. You get paid for what you did one time just like royalty from a book or record. Think of it as continual income that comes in whether you go to work or not."

That sounds good, I thought, but what do I have to sell? Soap? Vitamins? Dishes? Products my friends don't know anything about, probably don't want and things they'll end up paying more for if they purchase from me?"

"No," he said. "You don't have to sell anything. People are already paying these bills every month!"

"What bills could those be?" I thought.

"Home-phone services through MCI. Cell phone service from Cingular Wireless. Satellite TV from Dish Network and other things people pay bills on every month without giving it a second thought."

Get Paid for What You Start

I was excited, but what pushed me to stop wasting my time and start building my future was when he told me that I didn't only get commission every month on customers I switched to these companies, but I could bring in others like me to find customers and I'd receive a commission on those bills too!

Not only that, but all the bills that came in under the people I brought in, and the ones they brought in.....and the ones they brought in, and so on. Just like Donald Trump and Bill Gates, I'd receive income on the efforts of others in addition to my own.

Dollar signs appeared in my eyes as I saw the numbers adding up in my mind.

I wouldn't have to store products in my garage to try to "peddle off" to my friends and I wouldn't risk money by ordering those products and hoping to sell them. All I could do in this business was make money. A few hundred each month (or more) to start and who knows where I could go?

What would you do?

Right now, I can think of lots of folks who could use an extra three or four thousand bucks every week. Maybe you’re one of them. Or perhaps you’d be happy making just an extra $1000 dollars a month?

What would you do with extra income? Or if you totally replaced the income you are making now by working 9 to 5 everyday?


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