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NCAA Football Preseason Rankings
by Lee Wilson

College Football 2008 Preseason Rankings
It's time again and people have been asking for my rankings for the college football preseason of 2008. I can't wait for the season and these are the teams that I think will come out strong and finish that way. Learn from the past and trust my rankings.

1. Georgia

2. Missouri

3. Florida

4. Oklahoma

5. Texas

6. Kansas

7. Southern California

8. Virginia Tech

9. Arizona St.

10. Alabama

11. Texas Tech

12. Ohio State

13. Clemson

14. West Virginia

15. Wisconsin

16. Penn State

17. California

18. Auburn (I missed this one and so did everyone else!)

19. Brigham Young

20. LSU (Major QB questions)

21. Illinois

22. Tennessee

23. Pittsburgh

24. Oregon

25. Cincinnati


College Football 2007 Preseason Rankings
It's time again folks! My past records show that I am usually very close on how things turn out in college football. More so than compared to some ESPN folks and other sports experts. Obviously this is not an exact science, but I think the other preseason rankings I've seen have been more than a little off.

1. Southern California

2. Oklahoma

3. Auburn

4. Tennessee

5. Penn State

6. California

7. Nebraska

8. Alabama

9. Iowa

10. Oregon

11. Wisconsin

12. Georgia

13. Miami

14. LSU

15. UCLA

16. Ohio State

17. West Virginia

18. Virginia Tech

19. South Carolina

20. Texas

21. Florida

22. Texas A & M

23. Arkansas

24. Boise State

25. Michigan

Time for the bowl games!

College Football 2006 Preseason Rankings (May 26)
These are my rankings as an avid college football fan who spends way too much on a monthly basis to keep up with recruiting, practices, team progression and the game and sport of football in general. My rankings last year ended up being much closer than those of the big boys. I rank teams based on coaching, incoming talent, remaining talent, last years accomplishments and experience in key positions. According to my formula, the 2006 NCAA college football season will turn out something like the following.

Explanations to follow soon for why each football team received its ranking.

1. Ohio State

2. West Virginia

3. LSU

4. Southern California

5. Auburn

6. Texas

7. Notre Dame

8. Michigan

9. Florida

10. Oregon

11. Oklahoma

12. Miami

13. Nebraska

14. Alabama

15. Florida State

16. Boston College

17. Louisville

18. Iowa

19. Penn State

20. Georgia

21. California

22. South Carolina

23. Virginia Tech

24. UCLA

25. Tennessee

Honorable mentions: Clemson, Texas Tech, Arizona, TCU, UTEP, Boise State, N.C. State and Iowa State.

As many know, I go many different directions and I enjoy it. Sometimes it's politics, other times, relationships. Today it's college football. I have compiled a preseason ranking of Division 1 College Football. Please understand that it's just for fun. I don't take myself that seriously. Though I think this is as accurate of a list as you'll find right now (May 12, 2004).

NCAA Football 2005 Pre-Season top 25

1. USC -- Because of the obvious.
2. Tennessee -- They ARE loaded.
3. Oklahoma -- Deep and wide.
4. Texas -- Deep, but they always seem to choke at some point.
5. Virginia Tech -- Pretty dang deep.
6. Michigan -- Deep.
7. Ohio State -- Deep.
8. Georgia -- Quality team pretty much everywhere despite losing starters.
9. Iowa -- Boring, but...yes.
10. Miami -- Yeah...yeah. They are like a broken record.
11. Florida State -- They are also getting boring. The thrill is gone.
12. Wisconsin -- More than meets the eye.
13. California -- I wish they all could be California girls!
14. Alabama -- Baring repeat of injury bug, could be big time.
15. Florida -- ALL players (not just incoming) have to learn new system.
16. Nebraska -- This will be interesting to watch.
17. LSU -- ALL players (not just incoming) have to learn new system.
18. Louisville -- Really? Yeah, kind of. Definitely maybe!
19. Boise State -- As they have proven, good coaching is very underrated.
20. Auburn -- Lost too many top players and coaches to be top 10.
20. Texas A & M -- Though Tennessee had them crying for mommy.
21. Arizona State -- I'm as surprised as you.
22. Georgia Tech -- They have shown some of the signs.
23. Boston College -- Tough schedule, but a pretty deep team.
24. Virginia -- This could be a "break through" year. "COULD" be.
25. Pittsburgh -- The last resort.

Honorable mentions: Southern Mississippi, Maryland, Michigan State, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Purdue, South Carolina

-Lee Wilson


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