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Tyrone Prothro's Catch Against Southern Mississippi in 2005

The following video is the most amazing catch in the history of college football. It's the most amazing catch in the history of football period for that matter, made by Alabama's Tyrone Prothro. Notice that he catches the football on the back of the defender and manages to hang on! The instant replay review showed that he was down just outside of the endzone, so Tyrone didn't actually score the touchdown. But what a catch! Forward this one to your friends!

The Amazing Tyrone Prothro

Tyrone Prothro is from Heflin, Alabama and signed with the University of Alabama in 2003. Though a season-ending injury kept him out of most of the 2005 season and all of the 2006 season, fans are wishing him a full recovery and a future of more spectacular catches like the one above. But in the opinion of this football fan, there will never be another like Tyrone Prothro!

The Real Heaven

The Real Heaven: It's Not What You Think
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